Activities & tourism

Located in a unique natural enclave, visitors will have the opportunity to go on plenty of trips to places of great beauty.
We organize cooking workshops and wine tastings.

The surroundings are ideal for hiking, and day trips to discover Galicia, thanks to the enclave in which we’re located, the geographical centre of Galicia, 12 km off the AP53 motorway.

Visits to an artisan cheese factory, the workshop of the clog maker Elena Ferro, the Honey Museum, the Casa do Patrón ethnographic museum, A Solaina, Neira Vilas Museum House.

Spa of Vila de Cruces

Vila de Cruces, Thermal Villa

Just 15 minutes away from Casa San Ginés is the Baños da Brea Spa, the thermal complex par excellence of our surroundings, in Paradela (Merza).

It has waters which are recommended for treating rheumatological problems, respiratory and skin conditions and to treat issues like stress and physical or psychological fatigue.

What to visit in Vila de Cruces and the surroundings

As well as being able to enjoy a unique natural enclave, visitors will have the opportunity to go on plenty of excursions to places of great beauty, like the Toxa Waterfalls. Very close to them is the Carboeiro Monastery, from which there’s a path which runs along the river to the river beach of A Carixa. From here we can continue on to the old tungsten mining village of Fontao where the Mining Museum is located).

As our house is at the confluence of several rivers, we can enjoy multiple river enclaves which are worthy of consideration, like the Gres Islands, the Remesquide Islands or the river beach of O Abeseiro in Toiriz.

Five kilometres from the house is the Portodemouros Reservoir, where you can practice water sports.

Carboeiro Monastery
Toxa Waterfall Silleda
Pazo de Oca A Estrada

Other museums in the area are the Galician Puppet Museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Doade, the House Museum of Neira Vilas or A Solaina.

We can’t forget visits to the Romanesque monuments of the area, monasteries (Caamanzo, Dozón, Ansemil and Carboeiro) and churches, as well as the grandiose pazos (mansion houses) which dot the region: Pazo de Altamira, Pazo de Porras and the greatest example of Galician pazo architecture, Pazo de Oca.

Traditions of the region

Carnival celebrations have a special place in the recreational history of the area. Their maximum expression can be found in the so-called Alto dos Xenerais, a curious form of popular theatre which focuses on a dialectic combat between two sides dressed in colourful costumes reminiscent of 17th-century military uniforms who, through versified texts, criticise or praise outstanding people and events in the daily life of the region.

Other festivals have a gastronomic focus, like the Chorizo Fair (4th February), the Peppers Fair (4th August), the Chestnut Fair (4th November) and the most important one: Festa do Galo de Corral (the Corral Rooster Festival) (third Sunday in May).

During the winter months, people typically gather to taste the quintessential dish of the season, El Cocido.