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Casa San Ginés

In Ferreirós (Vila de Cruces), in the heart of Galicia, you’ll find Casa San Ginés, right where the so-called “Costa do Arrieiros” takes a break before continuing on its way to Compostela (35 km).

The name of this parish (“ferro” is Galician for “iron”) represents the trade which some of its neighbours practised in the old days: blacksmithing, as a lot of muleteers and people on horseback passed through here, and it’s conceivable that at some point it was a stopping place and inn for passers-by.

This house was well known at the beginning of the 19th century because the bandits in the area used to come here to share out the spoils of their robberies.

Casa San Ginés is a beautiful 17th century country house with a noble past, lovingly restored to offer lovers of rural tourism and today’s travellers the relaxation they’re looking for in Galicia.

Enjoy our wine cellar

At Casa San Ginés we have a wide range of wines and spirits; a professional SOMMELIER qualified by the INSTITUTO GALEGO DO VIÑO and WSET LEVEL 2 AWARD IN WINES will accompany you in getting to know and tasting the best wines, especially Galician ones.

We have experience in organising events and wine tastings. Feel free to ask if you’d like us to organise a tasting for you.

The cuisine at San Ginés

Enjoy Galician gastronomy

A careful and traditional cuisine with innovative touches is the main benchmark which comes out of the stoves of Casa San Ginés, made from typical Galician products from the area and from the farm itself.


The studio

Gîte for rent for six people, €200/night.

The San Ginés studio